Arising from the Great Tribes of the Navajo and Hopi Peoples, the Honor Riders began in 2003 to celebrate the life of Lori Piestewa, the first Native American woman to be lost in battle.

The Honor Riders are a group of Veterans and their supporters who gather each year before Memorial Day on the Navajo and Hopi reservation, in May to honor the missing and the fallen; to ride for those who cannot.  To remind everyone; whether they are Past or Present, a Warrior remains a Warrior, and Freedom is never Free.

This is their legacy…



HONOR RIDERS - The story of the Navajo-Hopi Honor Riders, a Native American motorcycle group, originally founded in 2003 to honor the first Native American woman killed in Iraq and helped bring a community and America’s indigenous nations together. 


Wind-Feather Productions

Release Date:  Nov. 14, 2015

Producer/Director:Ralphina Hernandez

Genre:  Documentary

Run Time: 105 mins / 1 Hr & 45 Mins.